Compare BIM models

Comparing BIM models is an important and complex process.

IFCWebServer core supports 2 kind of comparisons:

  1. (high level) compare number of object classes in 2 or more models.
  2. ( low level) compare instances of objects on the level of direct, derived, and inverse attributes .

To compare the content of  2 or more BIM models quickly through the web-based graphical interface:

  1. upload the BIM models to your account
  2. select the models which you like to compare by clicking Ctrl key and selecting them one after the other
  3. click “GO” button
  4. You’ll get a message asking you if you want to compare all models, click on the link
  5. The result will show up in few seconds




The low level comparison works inside the BIMViewer and show the comparison results visually through colors, e.g. green for new added elements, orange for modifed elements, red for deleted elements.

In this example we compared 2 versions of IFC models and showed the new added elements in green and the modifed elements ( we used the volume property as cretira) in orange color


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